Celebrated author and life coach Eric North shares his guide to enlightenment

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New York City, New York Oct 25, 2023 (Issuewire.com) – Eric North is a renowned author and life coach who has found his passion in helping people find their ultimate happiness. Eric is also known as ‘The Happiness Warrior’ who believes that life is an evolutionary journey of self-awareness and self-expression. He believes that life is a place and mindset where people live in their truth and authenticity. It is only possible for people to discover the best part of themselves when they are more purposeful, fulfilling, and self-aware which can only be brought by enlightenment. However, he also acknowledges that enlightenment is often the furthest thing from people’s minds and everyday experiences.

North says the world is often misled with false news and biased information and people are programmed to react rapidly and grow angry for no good reason other than to upset their equilibrium. After all, that people have been through these past few years, everyone’s social and physical environment has changed and taken on new parameters. According to the life coach, people are in a place in history where they can find greater purpose by expanding their perception and opening their minds. The opposite of that would be to live in a state of fear and self-loathing for humans. This is why, this is the perfect time to develop a greater perspective on lives and the alignment with the energy of the universe. According to North, a more peaceful mindset is where people are kinder to themselves and they are ready to grow and always obtain wisdom.

‘The Happiness Warrior’ says most humans live their lives from day to day, simply surviving in a hostile and rapidly changing world. They don’t have time to think much further than their basic needs and for too many keeping their bellies full and a roof over their head creates a sense of anxiety and dread. Often people are stalled by circumstances, which means they have not processed past traumas fully, which makes them feel increasingly withdrawn from the world around them. North acknowledges that people want to do better but too often feel carried away by the stress and strain of the world around them, which is why he shares his guidance to find the path to enlightenment.

Eric says the path to enlightenment begins with a desire to expand and change lives for the better, and a glimmer of hope is enough to begin to change the circumstances. It is where a small accomplishment becomes a bigger piece of the solving puzzle and multiplies exponentially over time. Knowing that everyone deserves better, it becomes a catalyst for change, greater perception, and wisdom. North says that with enlightenment, people start to solve life’s problems with a certainty that benefits themselves and those around them. With this comes a realization that helps people see themselves in a better light. Eric believes that every human has the potential to live in a state of enlightenment and self-created wisdom. He further says that people can be their brightest and most vibrant selves only when they allow themselves to be authentic and bold.

According to North, enlightenment is not just a feeling, but it is actually the blueprint for how to live a fulfilled life. Some necessary steps and stages educate people with momentum and purpose. Enlightenment is also an infinite process that continues when people are no longer present which is known as the greater peace of self-acceptance. This is why ‘The Happiness Warrior’ guides his followers to the path of enlightenment with a promise of finding eternal happiness, peace, and fulfillment. He asks his followers to follow the golden rule and respect others as they wish to be respected, because whatever their personal belief system life is always seeking karmic balance. In addition to that, it is also important to honor other’s choices no matter what people want to hear is a lesson in patience and self-esteem. Because often what people hate to hear is what gives them the greatest lesson.

North says to understand that all painful circumstances in people’s lives have value and provide a spiritual lesson. Which is why it is important to be humble rather than irate and defensive. Otherwise, all of the sufferings will be in vain, as healing is one of life’s most valuable triumphs. People should also honor their inner spirit and remove dependence on others for spirituality. At the same time, people should make the mind/body connection and create a greater awareness that how they treat their physical being reflects on their mental state of wellness. North further says that no matter the terminology all humans will benefit through some type of meditation, so, people should focus on their inner consciousness and detach themselves from their external lives.

According to ‘The Happiness Warrior’ another rule is to engage with nature even if it’s just a few minutes a day sitting under a tree because it is a scientific fact that spending time outdoors is a natural anti-depressant. At the same time, people should stop emphasizing approval from others. It might give them an endorphin high, but it is never enough to stop them from wanting more. Eric then asks his followers to remember that life is magical when they create their path and live in their truth. Perception, self-esteem, and empathy are qualities that are always expanding which is why enlightenment is always moving and is never static. Follow Eric North at www.thehappinesswarrior1.com for more details.

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