How to Prevent Your Home from Becoming the Haunted House on the Block

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With Halloween just around the corner, homeowners everywhere are going out of their way to make their homes look scary and haunted on purpose. But when we put off routine fixes around the house think servicing a noisy HVAC system or replacing light fixtures our homes can actually start to feel haunted year-round. Recently, Home Care Expert at Thumbtack, David Steckel, participated in a nationwide satellite media tour to discuss the elements that make our homes feel haunted, easy fixes and resources that can help.

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Home Expert from Thumbtack Discusses What Makes Our Homes Feel Haunted, Easy Fixes, and Resources That Can Help Rid Your Home of Ghosts

Recently, Thumbtack surveyed over 1,000 millennials to get a sense of what exactly is haunting their homes. A resounding 40% of people surveyed believe theyve lived in a haunted home at some point and 20% revealed having consulted paranormal experts.

So, what elements make homes start to feel haunted? Based on the survey findings, the most common elements according to millennials are:

Doors closing unexpectedly (47%): Hiring a door repair specialist can cost between $63-$475 depending on what door type you need fixed, materials, and more.

Noises coming from inside the walls (38%): Hiring an exterminator can likely help you get rid of unwanted tenants and costs between $100-$140 on average.

Flickering lights (34%): Hiring an electrician can run between $150-$200 depending on the scope and timing of the project.

Creaky floors or stairs (28%): Hiring a flooring specialist can cost between $300-$500 on the lower end and $4,963-$7,101 on the high end.

While being the spookiest house on the block might be the goal for Halloween, it is easy to prevent living in a haunted home the rest of the year. According to millennials, the easiest ways to make a home less spooky is to give it a refresh with a fresh coat of paint or a deep clean (25%), fixing light fixtures and faulty electrical wiring (23%), and keeping up with proactive maintenance (20%).

The bottom line is: Homes dont start out haunted. They can simply feel that way because homeowners are in the dark about whats really going on, and dont know where to begin or who to call. Thumbtack provides homeowners with personalized guidance on what to do and when to do it as well as who to hire, so your home stays in good shape all year long.

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David Steckel is a Home Expert at Thumbtack, with more than 15 years of experience as a general contractor in the homebuilding industry. David provides homeowners with the expertise they need to better plan, budget, and complete home projects from small fixes to routine maintenance and larger improvements. Prior to his role at Thumbtack, David founded Setter, a subscription-based service that handled home maintenance and repairs. David is based in Toronto, Canada.

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