Ondine Biomedicals Steriwave nasal photodisinfection platform now used across Canada

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Ondine Biomedical Inc president and chief technology officer Nicolas Loebel joined Steve Darling from Proactive to share news the companys Steriwave technology is being implemented at the Queen Elizabeth II Health Sciences Centre in Halifax which is a significant development for infection prevention in orthopedic surgery.

The Queen Elizabeth II Health Sciences Centre in Halifax, affiliated with Dalhousie University, has adopted Steriwave, Ondine Biomedical's infection prevention method, for use in orthopedic surgeries. This technology is designed to reduce the risk of post-surgical infections, a critical concern in healthcare settings.

The company's research highlights its ability to combat extensively drug-resistant microbes (XDR), an alarming threat to patient safety. Ondine's platform effectively kills these microbes, creating a barrier against antimicrobial resistance. The implementation of Steriwave is particularly crucial as healthcare institutions worldwide grapple with concerns about antimicrobial resistance.

The rise of drug-resistant pathogens poses a significant threat, making infection prevention and control paramount in hospitals. Steriwave is now available in hospitals across Canada, including renowned institutions like Vancouver General Hospital, the University of British Columbia, Ottawa hospitals, and the Montreal Heart Institute. This widespread adoption highlights the technology's effectiveness and the growing recognition of its role in reducing healthcare-associated infections.

The statistics related to healthcare-associated infections in Canada are concerning. One in nine hospital patients in Canada experiences a healthcare-associated infection, resulting in approximately 12,000 deaths annually. Antibiotic-resistant infections contribute significantly to this mortality rate.

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