Acclaimed author and life coach Eric North aka ‘The Happiness Warrior’ shares positive sides of regret

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Regret Isn’t Always A Bad Thing

New York City, New York Oct 28, 2023 ( – Eric North is a celebrated author and life coach who is well-known as ‘The Happiness Warrior’ and guides his followers towards finding the ultimate happiness in life. According to him, aging is a privilege, and being alive is a miracle of life itself. As humans, everyone has choices to make which can sometimes lead to good decisions but sometimes the inevitable bad decisions. Just like everyone else, the life coach also has regrets about so many things in life but what he does not do is to let them define his present and future, which is why he is now sharing advice that presents regrets in a positive light.

As life moved on, the author allowed to forgive himself for his past mistakes as he acknowledged that no one is perfect and everyone has regrets and disappointments. He also says that it is natural to ask oneself how life would be if they had made different or “better” decisions and as a result, can succumb to negative thoughts and emotions. It is also common to recuse oneself of being stupid or naive without thinking about the long-term effects on our consciousness. According to ‘The Happiness Warrior’, it is a cycle of negative and self-defeating emotions that keep us from moving forward.

So he says that regret is not something that should be feared as everyone has it but what they can do instead is to use it to fuel desires and change life’s momentum. The question of whether it was a bad choice or did it change lives for the better will always remain. The real answer is how people see themselves with a sense of humility and forgiveness. It is important to raise questions regarding the mistakes like how those mistakes were learnt or where did people pivot at that time. ‘The Happiness Warrior’ says ignoring regrets or mistakes will serve no purpose other than insulating people from their truth. This creates a negative cycle and prevents people from finding more happiness and fulfillment in their lives.

Ignoring or forgetting all the regrets is the cause of so much misery and hurt feelings that people see in those around them. North says that it is the shift from taking personal accountability for their actions and blaming them on others. So he asks people to develop awareness the first time they take a good look at themselves, and it will be certain that they can change the trajectory of their lives. It is only possible through processing their fears that come when they examine their regrets and they will find themselves growing and becoming happier.

While regret is something everyone should respect, there is a time when people need to let it go and show up for their lives with renewal and vigor. The life coach states that foundation regrets are things that people regret later in life such as not taking care of their health and letting bad habits accumulate. This is why the consequences are always apparent but over time the effects accumulate and create unnecessary harmful emotions and feelings about themselves. He also says that boldness and regrets are caused when playing the game of life safely which contributes to feelings of victimhood and rarely provides much happiness.

According to North, moral regrets are inconvenient truths that people try to hide and gloss over, such as cheating on a spouse or swindling others. This is a prime example of taking the low road and people’s vibration and connection with the universe. There is also a connection of regret that arrives when people regret their relationships and drift further apart which causes loneliness. Although that is self-created, it is also exacerbated by social media, gaming, and switching to texting.

North says that most people encounter similar situations of regrets in life. This includes living for the expectations of others and not revealing their authentic selves. It is also common for people to realize when they get older that they worked too hard without regard for their happiness and desires. At the same time, people do not allow themselves to dream about alternatives which creates limited opportunities for self-education. So people must work towards figuring out their desires and make choices accordingly to save themselves from regretting later. ‘The Happiness Warrior’ says that it is a scientific fact that suppressing our emotions can lead to greater stress, depression, and emotional damage. In addition to that, people think that happiness is something they can bank for the future that will be waiting for them. When not achieved, this becomes a regret that is entirely a fault of their own and the attitude they choose for life.

North believes that people can all be warriors for their happiness and realize that it is a basic human right. So people need to focus on not holding back themselves in life and forgetting that humans make mistakes. Instead, they can learn to look at their pasts as the chapters in their lives that help them reveal truths and authenticity without any external validation. Learn more about life lessons at:

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