COLOER Introduces New Brass LED Landscape Spotlights for Gorgeous Outdoor Illumination

Airmont, New York Oct 31, 2023 ( – COLOER is a leading manufacturer of outdoor lighting, with a focus on creating durable, energy-efficient lighting solutions for residential and commercial use. Based in Nevada, the company designs and engineers its products to withstand harsh outdoor conditions while delivering quality illumination.

Now, COLOER has launched a new collection of brass LED landscape spotlights crafted with the same high standards as their other offerings. Made from die-cast brass, these landscape lights provide low-voltage accent lighting that upgrades any yard, garden, or driveway after dark.

“At COLOER, our mission is to enhance lives with beautiful, functional outdoor lighting that stands the test of time,” said a COLOER spokesperson. “Our new brass landscape collection delivers on aesthetics, performance, and durability – core elements of the COLOER brand.”

Product Key Features:

  • Die-cast brass construction for weather resistance and corrosion protection
  • Warm white 2700K LED for a soft ambiance
  • IP65 waterproof rating for all-weather use
  • Flexible mounting fixtures to attach to stakes or surfaces
  • Classic bronze finish seamlessly integrates into nature-inspired designs

Why does COLOER distinguish it from Other Brands? Advanced Optics

The optics in COLOER’s brass spotlights produce a precise beam angle of 45 degrees to target illumination exactly where desired. A convex lens prevents water from pooling inside while maintaining an evenly distributed glow. Homeowners appreciate the ability to adjust the flexible knuckle joints and fine-tune light placement.

Low Voltage Simplicity

Operating at 12 volts, the brass lights install effortlessly into existing low-voltage landscape lighting systems. A bundled transformer safely reduces typical household 110-volt current. Users love not having to run bulky AC wires outdoors. System loads remain balanced whether adding just one fixture or dozens more.

Multi-Fixture Functionality

COLOER designed the brass collection for both standalone accenting and synchronized displays. Spots can highlight unique porch columns or gracefully illuminate a koi pond. Lines of fixtures make inviting nighttime pathways. Customizable assemblies allow limitless creative control over outside lighting schemes.

Long Lifetime Value

Each fixture receives rigorous testing to exceed 50,000-hour lifespans from their energy-efficient LED components. Customers get beautiful illumination without the cost and hassle of frequent bulb replacements. A limited lifetime warranty protects this worthwhile investment for many years of use.

Natural Nightscapes

The warm white hue did not concern night pollinators and preserves dark skies. Insects remain healthy while the amber glow creates a calming home oasis. Neighbors appreciate light pollution being minimized outside living and entertaining spaces.

Customizable Dimming

Dimmable transformer models let users set just the right mood. Settings range from subtle ambiance perfect for stargazing to brighter lighting as needed for late nights outdoors. This flexibility keeps light levels considerate for all hours.

Sustainable Choice

COLOER pursues earth-friendly operations and smart design. Brass resists rust without coatings that chip or peel over time. LEDs use minimal electricity compared to older bulb types. Customers feel good supporting a brand committed to renewable practices.

Esteemed Reviews

Early adopters rave about the fixtures’ high-end quality, durability, and performance. Online ratings consistently give the brass collection top marks. Many comment the lights far outshine competitors while enriching their property’s nightscape for years to come.

Knowledgeable Support

The in-house customer care team assists with selection, installation, or service needs. Help documentation and how-to videos take the mystery out of low-voltage systems. Our specialists provide guidance on the best painting fixtures to blend into any decor.

Industry Acclaim

Lighting professionals recommend COLOER products for discriminating clientele. The brass landscape collection receives recognition amongst landscape architects and designers. Awards programs honor the brand’s outstanding innovation, craftsmanship, and consumer satisfaction levels.

FAQsQ: What size landscaping area can one light illuminate?

A: The beam angle of 45 degrees means each light will effectively light up an area approximately 6-8 feet in diameter. The intensity can be adjusted using a dimmable transformer.

Q: How many lights would I need for a pathway 20 feet long?

A: For a pathway that length, we recommend spacing the lights about 5 feet apart, so you would need 5 lights total.

Q: What kind of bulbs can these lights use?

A: The lights are compatible with any standard MR16 LED or halogen bulb up to 5 watts. We recommend our included 2700K LED MR16 for a warm white glow.

Q: How deep should the stakes be buried?

A: For stability, push the stakes provided into the ground at least 6-8 inches deep. You can also mount the lights on our separate surface mount brackets if desired.

Q: Can I install these lights near a pool or water feature?

A: Yes, these lights are rated IP65 waterproof so they can be installed near water. Just be sure not to submerge the lights underwater.

Q: How do I connect the lights to the transformer?

A: Each light comes with 6 feet of low-voltage wire with connectors already installed. Simply attach the wires to your low-voltage wiring running back to the transformer.

Q: What wattage transformer do I need for 5 lights?

A: With each light rated at 5 watts, you would need a 25-30 watt transformer to power 5 lights while allowing room for voltage drop over the lines.

Q: Will the lights rust over time in wet/humid climates?

A: No, the die-cast brass material is highly corrosion-resistant. Combined with the bronze finish, the lights will maintain their good looks for many years even in demanding outdoor conditions.



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